Emotional Wreck

Not all friends are loyal or trustworthy.

I started today feeling on top of the world,spent most of it feeling like the leftovers of the world and I am ending it feeling like the winner, well the one who will get the last laugh. Today I have officially minimised my social circle to like 5 people in my year group or grade. Well,I… Continue reading Not all friends are loyal or trustworthy.

IT Body

How Do You Properly Cool Down After A Workout?

After my workout I end up passed out on my exercise mat or just throwing myself everywhere being dramatic and all. And to make it worse I leave everything I touch wet. It's so nasty. Then after the workout my body is aching same with the day after and I would have to slowly sit… Continue reading How Do You Properly Cool Down After A Workout?


4 Things To Make You Stand Out During Prom

Prom season is here! And am uber excited even I don't have a prom dress yet nor have I booked my prom ticket nor do I have a date but whatever fuck it. I love the whole process and the end result. I went for prom last year since in my school you start going… Continue reading 4 Things To Make You Stand Out During Prom

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The Ticket

Book Details: Book Title: The Ticket by Fred Shackelford Category: Adult Fiction, 320 pages Genre: Mystery/Suspense Publisher: Black Opal Books Release date: December 2016 Tour dates: April 2 to 13, 2018 Content Rating: PG Book Description: Channing Booker, a compulsive gambler, drug abuser, and philanderer whose marriage is failing, finally gets lucky and wins the… Continue reading The Ticket

Emotional Wreck

All the good stuff that comes with being single

Dispute the long nights sitted watching romantic foreign movies or watching couples being all cute all day and wishing they could all disappear. Being single is pretty cool. I have basically been single my whole life with a few crushes here and there but that's it. Yes I have wished to be in a relationship… Continue reading All the good stuff that comes with being single

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Presenting!My Favourite Workout App

All my workouts are based and got from one app My 30 Day Workout Challenge, which has been one the only things pushing me to workout and eat healthy and its perfect for people like me. You know lazy ass people. My 30 Day Workout Challenge app doesn’t need internet connection after you download it… Continue reading Presenting!My Favourite Workout App

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My first anger infused workout playlist

I used to dance quite alot when I was 15 and I would use the beats of the song to dictate over my pace. I use this same technique whenever I workout because honestly I don't want to workout with silence because my thoughts are loud and clear and I will give up. Things get… Continue reading My first anger infused workout playlist

Book Shelf

Crossing the line

Am so happy that Crossing the Line is my first official review because guess what its actually a book worth reading. I don't like many books but this book actually made it to my Worth A Try list! This teen fiction and paranormal book is out of this world even if its based in earth.… Continue reading Crossing the line